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 Polyurea For Your Dream Deck

Polyurea For Your Dream Deck

You just expanded your house by adding a wooden deck in your backyard. Building the household deck was a large investment that you want to preserve. Your deck will be the site of family barbecues, parties with friends, basking in the sun, and relaxing summer nights. Furthermore, it will become a vacation spot in your own home, complete with comfy lounge chairs. Truth be told, your deck is a great candidate for polyurea coatings.

It’s something you may have already come across. Since your deck is made from wood, it will deteriorate over time. Rain, sunlight, and temperature changes will take a toll on the wood construction. Ultraviolet rays and moisture will cause the wood to rot, warp, crack, and grow mold or mildew. Furthermore, the color of the wood will start to turn gray.

Covering the deck year after year with water seal or paint or power-washing the dirt away—will not be enough to withstand the elements. If you want to preserve your wood deck and keep it looking beautiful, a professionally applied polyurea coating is your best choice.

The Advantages of Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea is a polymer that can be sprayed on a surface as a coating. Polyurea coatings are 20 times stronger than epoxy, are waterproof and impact-resistant, and are extremely flexible in changing temperatures, so they won’t crack or peel. Polyurea coatings can withstand direct sunlight so colors won’t fade, whereas colors fade over time using epoxy. And unlike epoxy, polyurea will take no longer than a day to cure.

Polyurea coatings have been successfully applied in many areas, including truck bedliners,  spray foam insulation, secondary containment system, home playgrounds, and roofs.

Polyurea coating also maintains and revitalizes wooden decks and helps them to always look brand new. In fact, when considering options to protect your new deck, a polyurea coating should be your one and only choice. This is because the polyurea coating acts as a protective layer to block moisture from damaging the wood. It can also prevent mold or mildew to grow, which can cause respiratory problems and other health issues for those sensitive to molds. In a nutshell, you won’t have to worry about exposure eating away at your deck when you apply a polyurea coating.

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